S. S. Long is a writer, artist and the author of the Dragons of Fire and Ice series.

A life-long nerd, S. S. has spent the last thirty-plus years reading and writing fantasy and historical fiction, which give their books a grounding in a fantasy-based medieval era. S. S.’s latest book is another entry in their Dragons of Fire and Ice series.

S. S. is a member and a supporter of the LGBTQ+ community. They spend too much time preferring to be called by they/them/their pronouns.

S. S. lives and works in England and has an interest in WWII-era Germany and England, medieval-era England and Cold War era Berlin. S. S. loves to spend time with their family and leopard gecko, collecting dragon-related goodies and listening to a gamut of German industrial metal bands.

S. S.’s books, while focussing heavily on M/M relationships, are completely clean and non-explicit. As such, their books are safe for all ages and orientations.


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