Inked in Gray’s 2021 Anthology – a Contest!

Howdy doody thar! For this post, I thought I’d write about something I’ve been meaning to mention on my site for a while. There is still plenty of time to mention this however, so I’m safe. I think. 😀

What I was going to write about is – a new call for submissions to be handed in to a brand new upcoming anthology. This particular anthology will be the second in a series and will be published some time next year by the Inked in Gray publishing team.

Now, I’m following the Inked in Gray team on Twitter and have always enjoyed their content. I love participating in their Twitter questions and whatnot. I have even bought the first anthology – The First Stain – in paperback. They really do some great work and are also really fun to talk to/interact with. If you want to see the first anthology, then you can do so at the following Amazon link, just to get a sense of what the level of work is. (and it is of a very good standard!)

The First Stain

And if you want to see my review for this book, then you can have a gander at the following screen grab.

Now. On with the blurb with the next anthology. If you want to have a bash at writing a story for the upcoming anthology, then perhaps you’d like to take a look at the Inked in Gray website. They have all the pertinent rules and details of what they want from people. I will leave the explanations to them as … they know what they want! All I will say is that the theme for the next anthology is ‘SURVIVAL’ and each submission has to feature a morally grey situation /person/whatnot.

If you want more information then you can do so at the following links. There, you will find more details than I’ve provided here (which is admittedly and purposefully scant.)

2021 Anthology Contest

2021 Anthology Open Call

If you do decide to take part in this anthology, then good luck!

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