Sci-Fi and Fantasy Week on Goodreads!

Okey-dokey, so it’s sci-fi and fantasy week on Goodreads, which is great! I do love both genres, but obviously I prefer fantasy, considering I write mostly fantasy. *rasp*

So in honour of the special week, I thought I’d list my favourite fantasy books and whatnot, because why not? I like books, I like lists, so yay!

Probably any fantasy reader’s list HAS to include the LOTR trilogy. While it took me a long time to get through all three parts the first time around, it still was worth it and I think I’m well overdue another re-read of these.


And continuing with the theme of Tolkien, another fave fantasy book of mine is The Hobbit. I first read this book when I was a seven year old dragonet, so that was thirty years ago. I’ve never stopped loving it since.


The Hobbit

Because I love dragons, and obsessively write about them, obviously I’m gonna love Anne McCaffrey’s novels. My favourite is The White Dragon, because I think that Ruth (the titular dragon) is absolutely lovely.

127586The White Dragon

I have been reading Terry Pratchett for years and most people who know me can attest to that fact. I’m crazy about his novels. My favourite is Mort. It was the first one I ever read and it’s remained my favourite ever since. I also really like Death as an anthropomorphic personality. Rather morbid to suddenly shout out – I like Death – though, which is what I did in school once. Awkward ….



And to perhaps add in at least one sci-fi novel onto this list …. I’m gonna go with H.G. Wells’ ‘The War of the Worlds’. I LOVE this book. I’m absolutely CRAZY about it. I love Jeff Wayne’s musical production of it, I love the 2005 film adaptation of it (even though I’m not a fan of Tom Cruise per se), I even love and have seen the stage version of it. I have two radio productions of it (Orson Welles and the Star Trek ensemble one) and love them. Just yes. I love it!

8909The War of the Worlds

So there we have it! My favourite books in sci-fi and fantasy. What would YOU choose?



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