Personal Post – birthday edition

A couple of days ago, it was my birthday (I’m now the grand old age of 37 … ). I thought I’d do a bit of a rare personal post about it, because I received a lot of lovely gifts – most of which are actually dragon related! (the quickest way to make me happy is to either show me a dragon or to buy me something dragon related!)

These are a lot of gifts that came from a friend or my dad! There’s loads of lovely stuff here – I’ve got loads of books, a ribbon with some cute dragons on, a tin that had some little sea-creatures in (clownfish and whatnot and they are not sweeties!!!!), a photo album and a dragon tidy! The tin I believe is from the 1930’s and was a cigarette tin (I did do a Google search on this because I was so curious about the provenance of it.) Also the photo album has a rather lovely Chinese style pattern on it (I do actually really like that style of thing!!!)

As you can see, I’m nuts about medieval stuff as well! ;D

I also received a lovely couple of cards too, one of which you actually colour in yourself! I’ve never seen one like that before.


And this is the card that needs to be coloured in actually … y’know … coloured in –


I’m not really one for posting photos of my own food, yet the peach that I ate kind of looks like a bum (even more so than peaches usually do) …


I also framed the photo of the dragon eye and the ribbons that I received from my mate.



I also went to see WONDER WOMAN at the cinema. I actually went to see it because of Chris Pine (he’s one of my favourite actors) and ended up really liking Gal Gadot too! (she’s really beautiful, I think!) I quite liked the film, to be honest, more than I thought I would. I must admit, I am not a fan of DC films at all (I prefer Marvel) but this, Wonder Woman, was the first DC film I’ve ever truly enjoyed. Definitely something I wouldn’t mind seeing again.  I didn’t actually know much about the storyline beforehand, because I was blinded by Chris Pine. ;D (although …. *cough*nekkid Chris Pine*cough* made me quite happy*cough*) The story was good, involving Greek Gods, the search for Ares, God of war and the need to protect people/stop the fighting in WWI. I did not know the outcome of Chris Pine’s character at the end of the film before actually seeing it and … well, to say I wasn’t happy about it is an understatement! Hopefully he really will come back in the sequel (if the news articles I’ve recently seen are anything to go by.) I also saw this in 3D, which I thought was rather good – the effects were spectacular and it looked as though the bullets and arrows and whatnot were really coming out of the screen at you. I am tempted to buy this film on DVD (providing it does come in a special 3D version as the Dredd film did.)

Ticket and whatnot! (obviously I’ve scrubbed out the pertinent personal info, like names and phone numbers and whatnot.)

There are a couple of other things which I haven’t yet mentioned, but will have to be held over for another post, another time, methinks! ;D (this all involves tattoo appointments not quite happening yet and what have you.)


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