Back to Blackloch BOOK TRAILER!

Mornin’ all! *waves* Finally I can reveal the trailer to my second novella, Dragons of Fire and Ice: Back to Blackloch. I’m really excited about the upcoming release. I am also very happy with how the video turned out.

And so without further ado about nothing, here is the video *dragon-bugles*


Through the snow that surrounds the valley of Blackloch …

Quinn and Jay face malevolent ice-drakes to retrieve what remains of Jay’s possessions.

Will they survive the attack?

Will they escape with their lives?

This is the sequel to my first novella – ‘Dragons of Fire and ice: Escape from Adiren’.

Back to Blackloch features a non-explicit M/M pairing, dragon on dragon fighting and high fantasy level tension.

Back to Blackloch!

Flying to Amazon on July 17th 2017!

Of course, I couldn’t have made the video without the following really helpful sites:

music sourced from

Images and video clips sourced from and


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