Graphics (just for fun!)

And now for something completely different! If I’m not writing, writing about writing, reading or writing about reading, I’m actually making graphics! 😀 I’m not actually a graphic artist in any way, but I still find it fun to dabble a little every now and again. (Damnit, Jim, I’m a writer, not an artist!)

These are a few things I cobbled together for several little contests on Wattpad. Please note, that I actually left Wattpad in February of this year; I still keep an eye on all the contests, though, even though I don’t publicly participate. It’s still good to have a challenge and some practice every now and again (even when you’ve been writing for nigh on thirty years like me!)

Anyhoo, here are the graphics. I’ve sadly lost the links to the contests but I doubt that matters all that much. (or at least I hope it doesn’t!)

This was a contest that focussed on making a front cover for a fantasy novel. It had to feature a dragon and the text that I placed on it was a must, too, apparently. ETA: I just added an alternative cover, because I felt like it. 😀


This one was made for a contest which focussed on film posters – more specifically Pirate film posters!  I decided to slap on a couple of my favourite actors to make it all authentic and whatnot.


This was created for an aphorism contest which is the saying that’s included on the couple of magazine covers I knocked up.


And this has nothing to do with Wattpad, but I made a little graphic of the two main characters of my series, Dragons of Fire and Ice – Jay and Quinn. Jay’s the blue dragon, while Quinn is the red one. I actually took the background photograph myself, in my local town!


Copy of becky's bluff


And to round this post off, I recently made a couple of small bats (the cute little flying animals, not cricket bats …. ) out of a couple of dangly pom pom keyring things.  I also used some wiggly eyes and some black cardboard for the wings.


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