Back to Blackloch: more details!

Okey dokey, so here’s more news for my next Dragons of Fire and Ice novella. I’ve already revealed the cover for it last week here. The title is – Dragons of Fire and Ice: Back to Blackloch!

The release date is set for 17th July (aka my birthday, because why not? ;D ) and will be available in paperback and e-book via Amazonnnnnnn!

Here is the blurb for it –

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And here is an excerpt:

Once more, Jay beckoned me, and yet again, I followed in the wake of my mate. I felt a little unnerved to not be the one leading. As Alpha, I felt as though I should have preceded Jay. My mate was the one who knew the layout of the place, however, whereas I blatantly didn’t. I would have become lost in no time at all, after all. I squashed down my stupid, bothersome Alpha pride and forcibly tamped it down again when it threatened to rise once more. Jay threw me a grin over his shoulder, sensing my struggle with my leader status, yet he said nothing. Neither of us wanted to make a sound, for fear of attracting too much attention to ourselves.
As such, we had to duck, to bob and to hide behind the likeliest statues and corners, just to avoid being detected in our trajectory through the Keep. Even though Jay had lived quite high up, and away from the majority of his so-called flight, there still was a lot of traffic. I supposed that that was the typically odd twist of draconic fate. When one most wanted to be alone, was always the time when one blatantly wasn’t. I was glad for the fact when finally, Jay opened the door to his room. Every on of my mate’s movements was careful and his hands were splayed flat against the door when he turned the handle. The wooden barrier swung open on silent hinges. For one instant, I had expected the stupid thing to creak, yet was spared that stupid indignity. We padded inside, and I became alarmed at the sudden sharp moan that issued lowly from my mate’s lips.
I looked around, even as Jay moaned again, louder that time. I heard utter despair and distress in his voice, tempered with the corresponding flashes of intense blue and grey behind my eyes. The room was empty of everything but the last few pieces of furniture, too worn down for anyone to truly bother with. The shelves were empty of their books, and there was nothing left that indicated that anyone, let alone a Beta dragon, had once lived there.
“They’ve taken it all,” he murmured, still keeping his voice low despite his obvious distress. “All of it, Quinn. They’ve destroyed my things.”


As always this book features lovely gay dragonshifters called Jay and Quinn. There’s no sex or rudery but there will be a little dragon on dragon violence. There’s also a few kisses and cuddles but nothing more explicit than that. This will be safe for teenagers, as well as the older audience. If you want to read some stories in this series, then you can read them while they’re still FREE at my Wattpad account:

Dragons of Fire and Ice

And here are more graphics for Back to Blackloch:


Coming Soon!




Keep your eyes peeled for the book trailer – COMING SOON!


And of course, book one in this series, ESCAPE FROM ADIREN, is still available to buy from Amazon in e-book format and in paperback!


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