Resource Post #4: Public Domain music and video sites

This is another in my semi-regular resource posts. This time, I’ll be focussing on Public Domain music and video sites. A lot of music and footage is copyrighted (obviously) so it pays to search around a little to find something that isn’t. While stuff that is in the public domain doesn’t always require attribution, sometimes it does pay to place a link back to where you found the music/videos/images/whatnot in question anyway. It might help other people who need legally free things to use for their own projects without fear of scary legal action or takedown notices. (none of which are actually fun!)

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#1: FreePD

This is a really great site, which, like many other sites I’ve mentioned in these resource posts, I can’t remember quite how stumbled across it. I am glad that I did however, as it’s pulled my scaly dragon butt out of the fire on multiple occasions (re: finding music that’s not actually copyrighted). A lot of this stuff is actually quite good, although some of it is, admittedly, quite cheesy. It depends on what you’re looking for. There are pieces of music in various genres, which are all neatly categorised and are all of various lengths. They’re perfect for book trailers and home movies alike. It’s well worth sampling the music online before downloading as the site does have that option. I believe you can download the entire stock of music all in one go, although this does require a nominal fee to do so. Otherwise, if the files are downloaded singularly, they’re free.

link – FreePD


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#2: beachfrontbroll

I think I stumbled across this site quite by accident via a frantic google search. I was looking for quality footage for a book trailer. The site itself is not exactly extensive, admittedly, but all of the videos available on here are really nice quality. There is a wait of several minutes for each file download, but it is worth it (because of the quality). The site is divided up into sections to make navigation a little easier, and of course, there is a search function, too. I can’t recommend this site enough.

liiiiiiiink> beachfrontbroll


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This is another site I stumbled across whilst googling free stuff for a book trailer. While this is not quite as good as beachfrontbroll, there are still some quality videos on here. It’s sectioned off by creator, media type, subject etc and offers a decent search function, too. This is definitely worth a look to bulk out those book trailers or whatnot with additional footage.

clicky clicky –


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#4: Pixabay

I have mentioned this site before in an earlier resource post, and while it’s fantastic for images of all types, it’s also great for providing public domain videos. Of course, please ensure that you do select the video section of the site when searching. That can be found on the right side of the search field, and is available via a cute little drop down menu. There is a decent selection of videos on here and have helped to bolster my book trailers. They’re really nice quality too. I’m really happy with this site; I love it. It’s easy to use, too, which is always a nice thing.

go on go on go on go on go on and click – pixabay


As always, there are loads of other options out there. As I come across them or am told about them, I will be adding to this list (once I’ve sampled the site for myself, of course.) I would never recommend something that I haven’t tested for myself. Everything that I write about, I do actually use quite regularly so know them to be trustworthy and not dodgy in the slightest! I do like to help out others, as I know that lists like these have helped me out a megaton in the past.

So until next time – bis bald!


Copy of Copy of EXCERPT


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