Resource Post #3: Stock Photos

And here we are – the third in my series of randomly appearing resource posts! This week, I shall mostly be focussing on photo sites, especially ones that feature pictures that have a Creative Commons 0 certificate, or are in the Public Domain! If, like me, you do a lot of graphic work, (for book covers usw) it’s really important to ensure that the photos you are using are not stolen from someone else, even inadvertently. If it’s in the public domain, then the author has waived all rights to it, which means you can legally use that photo without nasty lawsuits hanging over your head.

So. Here we are then. As always, I either do use these sites regularly or have at least tested these out for myself. I would never knowingly recommend something that is dodgy in any way to anyone.

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#1: Pixabay

This is, by and far, my favourite site in which to visit to get access to all of the photos I use for my graphics and book covers. The range of items on display here is phenomenal and they are all of such wonderful quality. There’s things like vectors, photos, embellishments … you name it, they’ve probably got it. They even have videos on here, too (but more about videos in a later post.)

Please ensure though that these are genuinely public domain. Some, I’ve come to discover, have an ‘editorial use only’ notice affixed to it, which means the graphic in question can only be used for blog posts and the like and not for monetary use (eg book covers. ;D ) These are very few and far between however, but I thought it worth a mention. I have been caught out with this before, so there we are. Don’t make the mistake that I did! (not that anything bad happened to me, though, I must add!)

The majority of the photos on here don’t require an attribution to the author, so these literally can be downloaded and used straight away. Also, because the authors have waived all rights to the images on display means that you can adapt and change these images to your heart’s desire. Wonderful!


LINK: Pixabay


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#2: Flickr

This has helped me out in the past quite a bit and is probably one of the most well known photo sharing sites. I don’t use this quite as much as Pixabay however although that is not a slur on the quality of the photos on offer however. There are truly a lot of beautiful things to look at and use here.

Please note, however, that this site has a variety of licences in place. Quite a lot of these photos require some kind of attribution of some kind. It does pay to pay attention to what the author actually requires when downloading a photo. There are two options, however, where attribution is not necessary (and that’s the public domain and the CC0 options.)


LINK: Flickr


Copy of Copy of Copy of EXCERPT (2)

#3: Unsplash

I can’t remember quite how I found out about this site, but I have a feeling it was probably via Wattpad. Although the range of images on display is not quite so diverse as the sites already mentioned, there are still quite a lot of good quality imagery to be downloaded and used. Although I don’t use this site very often, I still would recommend this without hesitation however, as I have downloaded some wonderful images for my own work.


LINK: Unsplash


Copy of Copy of EXCERPT

#4: Wikimedia Commons

This is another site that I don’t use very often, but I have sampled some of their photos in the past. Sometimes it even has come in handy when all other sites have not had the exact image I’ve had in mind.

Please note, that not all photographs are in the public domain on this site. Keep a weather eye out for attribution notices and whether each image has one or not.


LINK: Wikimedia Commons


As always, this post couldn’t have been completed without the wonderful photos downloaded from Pixabay. (kind of ironic, given the nature of the post!)

Also, this post will be updated with further sites and options as I come across them or are recommended them by others.


Copy of Copy of EXCERPT



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