Dragon Crackers – a STORY!

Okey dokey then, I thought I’d upload one of my stories to download! The story in question was written for a Reedsy prompt competition thing many weeks ago, but unfortunately was not chosen to be a winner. Soooo, I thought I would make this story available as a free download, to be placed upon Nooks and Kindles and other e-readers, oh my! (I have a Nook myself, which is rather lovely.) The story is in .PDF format which works with literally everything.

Please bear in mind that this story is an urban fantasy, features a non-explicit F/F pairing and is meant to be a little bit humorous. The two young ladies in the story are witches and live in Peterborough (in the U.K.) This is only one of a few stories of mine that is actually F/F – the majority of the rest of my works are M/M. (although most are still high fantasy or urban fantasy.)

Here is the header image:

Copy of becky's bluff (2)

(image sourced from Pixabay.com)


Although she wasn’t a mind-reader, Venna was a genuine clairvoyant. She could predict with a 99% degree of absolute accuracy what would happen to anybody. She actually dabbled in clairvoyance sessions and fortune telling on the side. Sometimes, I knew that she actually sweetened the blow when the future was absolutely horrific for people; Venna was nothing if not soft-hearted. While it often came in handy on both a personal and a financial level, I didn’t envy Venna her ability. It must be a hell of a burden to know so much when others didn’t. I, on the other hand, am a different kind of witch, altogether – I’m an elemental witch. My powers include manipulating the weather and the very elements that made up the earth. That meant that I was a natural at making fireworks and firecrackers. The Dragon Crackers were my personal pet project and they rarely ever failed.
“We’ll be in the paper,” Venna enthused before she made quotation marks with her fingers and introduced a stentorian tone to her voice. “Francesca and Venna do it again! They’re a credit to the business community of Peterborough!”
I grimaced at the use of my full name. I didn’t like it and much preferred the shortened Frankie.
“Well, if they dare call me anything other than Frankie, then I’ll be a credit to something else,” I muttered, and Venna laughed. “Harpie unleashed. Valkyrie personified.”
“You won’t,” Venna said, confidently as she wound her arm through mine. “You’re too soft-hearted for that.”
I sighed. I knew she was right. No matter how mad I became, I rarely ever gave into that anger. I generally didn’t enjoy conflict, and besides which, anger and elemental witches didn’t mix. I could very literally cause earthquakes and other natural disasters if I got too pissed off.
“Anyway, let’s go,” Venna continued as she gestured upstairs. “We have dinner to prepare, as well as the remainder of the last jokes for the masses.”
“I want the food rather than the jokes right now,” I said, with a wearied sigh.
“I know, Frankie, I know,” Venna said with a sage nod.

And here is the download link!

Dragon Crackers!


Please ensure you click on the button which I’ve highlighted in the following screen-grab. Ignore the nasty green button on the right as that is up to no good (because of POP-UPS of the non-exciting variety and whatnot.)


Enjoy the Dragon Crackers!

And if that doesn’t tickle your pickle, well …. have a bad selfie of a dragon! 😀  (this shot was taken outside my greenhouse.)



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