Top 5 LGBT+ books for Pride Month

YAY! It’s now June and that means it’s PRIDE MONTH!

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Pride Month is celebrated every year in June, to honour the anniversary of the Stonewall Riots in Manhattan, in 1969. This is a very important month in the year. Another purpose of this commemorative month is to recognise the impact that LGBTQ+ individuals have had on history locally, nationally, and also internationally.

More information can be found at this site – About LGBT Pride Month and on the appropriate Wikipedia Page

And considering it is Pride Month (and I am a part of the LGBTQ+ community), I thought I’d put together a short list of five books that I really enjoyed, that focus on LGBTQ+ themes. (in lieu of actually attending a Pride event, as all events are too far from me to travel to!) I love lists, and I love LGBTQ+ books (and heck, I even write ’em! ;D )

Of course there’s loads of books that are bloody brilliant and should be read. As such, this is purely a subjective list and not a definitive one; there’s also loads of books I’ve left off because of space and time constraints! (seriously, this list could run into the hundreds …. )

SOOOOO LIST PLEASE! Please take note: I do place the pairings before the books, and the links to the appropriate Goodreads page after the cover image.

First one is probably obvious, but it’s just a really good book. It focusses on the adventures of Kitty and Nan (and more), as they travel through the stages of Victorian-era London.

This is F/F


Sarah Waters: Tipping the Velvet 


The second is also by Sarah Waters (I just really love her work). This focusses on a group of petty thieves making their way through London (and further) in the mid-1800’s. There’s excitement, adventure and plenty of back-stabbin’! There’s also a clever twist in the tale at the end.

This is F/F


Sarah Waters: Fingersmith


This is actually the third in the ‘Temptation’ series, but don’t let that put you off. It’s really good and was actually the first I listened to. (I’ve got the audiobook.) This follows the lives of two gay men, Tate and Logan and their travails whilst setting up a life together.

This is M/M.


Ella Frank: Trust 


This is a really cute story in the very best sense and will quite likely make you hungry. It follows the burgeoning relationship between two young male students over the Christmas period. (one of whom cooks a lot.)

This is M/M


Kim Fielding: The Festivus Miracle


And the last one cleverly blends Norse mythology characters into a modern setting and features a lot of stuff about computers too. This is also book one of a series. I think this book is easily one of my favourite M/M books and I have a lot of favourites!

This is M/M 


Alis Franklin: Liesmith 


So there we are! Be proud, be safe and be happy! Have fun no matter how you’re celebrating this month (and every month!) and even if you’re not celebrating … still have fun! We all deserve love no matter who it is we’re lovin’.


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