Resource Post #2: Graphic Design edition

And now for part two of my semi-regular Resource posts. This week, I will mostly be focussing on graphic design websites. I use all of these websites myself for various reasons, and I find them easy to use. (bearing in mind that I’m absolutely useless at this type of thing, ordinarily – I can’t use PhotoShop without wanting to belch flames at my own laptop out of sheer inept frustration, for example. So, if I can use them, anyone can!)

(and if anyone’s wondering about that header image, no worries, I’m not swearing at anyone. That’s just the German word for ‘art’! ;D )

Copy of Copy of Copy of EXCERPT

#1: Canva

Canva is my absolute favourite graphic design website out there. It’s so easy to use and has lots of beautiful templates waiting to be adapted. They’re arranged into handy categories, such as desktop wallpapers, e-book covers and even album covers (among many other delicious choices.) You can load your own photographs on there (providing that you either own them yourself or they’re in the public domain – more about that in a future post.) Then you adjust the text to serve your purposes and WOWZA! Beautiful graphics. Some of the templates do require a fee to use them, although there are plenty of beautiful free templates to work with. Also, you do have to sign up for an account to use this site. I can’t recommend this site enough. I love it.

And here be links – Canva


Copy of Copy of EXCERPT (2)

#2: BeFunky

This is a site that I found out about years ago, although I can’t quite recall where or how I did. This has three wonderful features – photo editor, collage maker and designer. This does not require an account to use the site, although your Adobe flash player needs to be current. The site is easy to use – all you have to do is upload the required photo and adjust and edit and collage to your heart’s content!

another link – BeFunky



#3: PosterMyWall

Again, this is another site that I’ve been using for years, although I can’t remember quite how I came across it. This does have the option of making your own leaflets/posters/wallpapers/what have you, for free, although there will be a watermark in the bottom left hand corner. If, like me, this doesn’t bother you, then that’s okay. There is an option, however, of paying a nominal fee to remove that watermark, I believe, although I’ve never done it myself. (I could be wrong about that so don’t quote me! ;D ) Like Canva, this has plenty of easy to use templates plus plenty of blank canvases too. This is easy to use and quite fun.

clicky clicky –  PosterMyWall



#4: Pixlr

And for my next to last trick, I shall talk about Pixlr. This is a little more tricky to use than the others (or at least, it is for my inept little dragon butt.) However, it is quite doable with a bit of patience and practice. It has a great ‘free distort’ function for a start, which enables the user to make 3D book images. I’m still learning to use this site for myself, but while it requires patience, it’s still fun. Also, this has the option to use the site on laptop or mobile. I can’t speak for the mobile app as I never use a phone to get on the internet, so I really don’t know what it’s like. (I’m surgically attached to my lovely laptop and its equally lovely internet access!)

Last chance to click – Pixlr


Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of EXCERPT

#5: Ribbet

This is another site with some amusing functions, such as picture collages, photo editing, stickers and overlays. You can edit your photos and make wonderful collages using this site, although some functions are available only for premium members. There are still plenty of things to be getting on with, even if you’re a free member like me.  This is reasonably easy to use with a little practice, but it’s doable.

Ribbit ribbet – RIBBET!


Of course, there are plenty more wonderful options out there for this kind of thing. As with all of my resource posts, I will be adding to these as I go along, when I find out about more handy sites (or are told about them.) Of course, I would never recommend anything that I don’t use myself. Everything I blog about, I’ve tested out and/or use regularly myself. (and there is always the option to download or buy various graphic design software packages, such as  PhotoShop or GIMP if that’s still around, et ceteraaaa, but I’m an inept little dragonet with using stuff like that. I don’t want to talk about something I don’t know a thing about, basically! 😀 )

And so, until next time! Auf Wiedersehen!



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