A six word story!

Even though I left Wattpad several months ago, (in January), I still keep track of the challenges and whatnot that are posted to the various communities on the site. One such site is @WattZombie. I’m not really a fan of zombies to be honest, but the community’s prompts still are pretty cool. Here’s one of their prompts which I decided to have a stab at.

Dragons of Fire and Ice:
Six Word Story!
by @S-S-Long

A/N: Written for the 6 word story challenge, as hosted by Wattpad’s @WattZombie account. The challenge focussed upon the final six words one would impart, before bludgeoning a fellow zombie attack survivor to death. I chose to set my story in my ‘Dragons of Fire and Ice’ series, and Jay is getting angry at an actual zombie (rather than a survivor) for daring to harass his mate, Quinn. The actual challenge can be found Challenge 3: Mercy or Malice
My story: You shouldn’t have attacked my mate!

My graphic which I decided to make because why the dickens not? 😀

You shouldn't have attacked my mate! (1)


There was also another challenge which I liked rather muchly, wherein one had to write about summer adventures. The comment challenge was hosted by @AdventureCommunity. The prompt was: If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go? What would you do there? 

Most people who know me, know that I’m nuts about Germany and Berlin specifically. I have never been to Berlin but I really would love to go one day. And so, of course, my answer to the summer adventure questions is – Berlin! I made a little infographic about what I would do. (I was bored and procrastinating a little bit!)

for my


All images are sourced from PIxabay


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