Rammstein: Paris DVD – I has one!

heh! I think it’s time for a rare personal post from meeeee, that had nothing to do with my writing or books. Anyone who knows me knows that I’m a big fan of Rammstein, and have been for about four or five years now. They were the reason why I started learning German and now I absolutely adore the language and the country both. I even want to visit Berlin one day, if I can swing it. Just to have a look around and whatnot, y’know!

Anyway. Sooooooo, after months of waiting (okay, so two months … ), I’ve finally received my copy of the Rammstein: Paris DVD. I actually saw this at the cinema a couple of months ago (and even wrote the blog post about it – Review: Rammstein: Paris) and ordered the DVD from the Rammstein shop the following day. I decided to buy the special edition CD and DVD combo pack, because why not? It was six quid more than the DVD alone and I thought I might as well have some lovely music as well as a super DVD to watch!

And here it is! My copy of the DVD in all its German glory! It travelled all the way from Berlin to my house in England, so it’s been around a bit, the slag. 😀 All over Europe. (almost.) Obviously I’ve masked out my name and address, as I don’t want any unsolicited mail being delivered (you can keep your Viagra and dodgy items in brown paper bags to yourselves, thanks! 😀 )



Also, I must add that the dragon plushie wasn’t sent by Rammstein (or rather their staff at the shop). That was mine anyway and I put it there, just because. 😀

And if the DVD wasn’t enough, I actually bought a copy of Sonic Seducer from a German eBay shop, just because it had Rammstein on the cover. (okay, and it’s got a 12 page article inside as well.) Here it is! It even came with a CD, too, which is nice.


Incidentally, it’s also World Goth Day today! (I know Rammstein aren’t goth, but there’s not an International Industrial Day that I know of!)

Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of Happy button day

If you would like to know more about this cool day – please visit the official website, where there should be more news about worldwide events about the goth scene.


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