InstaFreebie – free book download site!

I can’t remember how I came across InstaFreebie, to be honest, but somehow I did, recently. I thought that it looked good, so I became a member of the site. Now that I’ve tested it out for myself, I decided to share it via my own site. I would never knowingly advertise something that was dodgy in any way, so I can say that this site is okay! It’s also … y’know … completely legal! ;D

InstaFreebie is a site where you are given access to free and exclusive book downloads by all different kinds of authors. Plus you can search for your favourite/preferred genres, and can also choose in which format you prefer to download in. (epub, .mobi, .PDF et ceteraaaa). You do have to type in your name and e-mail address into a form however, to receive your chosen books (and sometimes you’re signed up to the author in question’s newsletter, too. You can always unsubscribe to these thingies if you decide against it for some reason.) It’s all pretty super duper dragon pooper, I  reckon!

And if you wish to sign up for InstaFreebie for yourself, then here’s the link to it! Treat yourself to a book or a hundred! 😀 (I have already treated my Nook to quite a few of them – mostly fantasy and M/M books, because that’s what I like the most.)





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