Three Book Reviews

metal hammer June 2017metal hammer June 2017 by Various

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I bought this issue primarily for Rammstein, as I am a huge fan of theirs. I also wanted the poster of Avenged Sevenfold, as I also like some of their music (the poster itself is gorgeous and features some lovely space/astronaut artwork).. The Rammstein article was as interesting as expected, and focussed on their Rammstein: Paris film, and upcoming album. (Richard and Paul were the ones being interviewed which was a double bonus for me, as I’m a particular fan of both of them – more so than the others in the band.) The magazine itself was interesting, filled with a lot of enjoyable articles. I even enjoyed articles focussing on bands I’m not really a fan of (such as Megadeth, and Dave Mustaine’s band camp event.) This was as well-written and as humorous as ever; until the next issue – \m/ *_* \m/

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Dark AlchemyDark Alchemy by Jack Dann

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I originally bought this book because I thought the cover was really eye-catching and because I saw that one of the stories included was written by Neil Gaiman. I’m a relatively new fan to his work and so didn’t want to pass up the chance to read another of his stories. I am glad that I bought it, as I really enjoyed it. Every story focussed on magic or magicians in some way, which is a theme I always enjoy a lot. Like with all anthologies, some stories worked for me whilst other didn’t, although I wouldn’t necessarily say that any of them were particularly horrible. They just didn’t work for me this time. I thought that the stories were all really well written (some more so than others.) My favourites were, of course, Neil Gaiman’s ‘The Witch’s Headstone’, Garth Nix’s ‘Holly and Iron’, Elizabeth Hand’s ‘Winter’s Wife’ and Tanith Lee’s ‘Zinder’. This is something that I know I will enjoy again when I return to it in the future.

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Illustrated Wildlife Encyclopedia: ReptilesIllustrated Wildlife Encyclopedia: Reptiles by Barbara Taylor

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I originally bought this book on the strength of the section on Lizards, yet found the entire book informative and entertaining. While it is admittedly aimed at a young audience, it’s clearly set out and well explained. I enjoyed the section about Lizards the most of course, especially the pages on Leopard Geckos and Komodo Dragons, yet found the section on Crocodiles and Alligators very interesting too. I learnt a lot of things from this book that I didn’t know previously. There are loads of lovely photos of lizards and reptiles of all kinds in this book. This is a lovely reference book and is going to be something that I’ll draw plenty of enjoyment from in the future.

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