Resource Post #1: Competition Edition

Resource posts are going to be a semi-regular thing from me, from now on. There won’t be any kind of set schedule or whatnot for this; I’ll just fit these posts in whenever I can get the chance. I’m going to collect together some resources in their own separate handily themed posts, which I hope will be helpful to others. I know things like this are certainly helpful to me!

This week, I will mostly be focussing on writing competitions. I have entered these myself, because I’m a writer and I like competitions! 😀 I can guarantee that these aren’t dodgy in any way; I would never knowingly advertise anything that might be a little suspicious or underhanded. I haven’t won any of these competitions myself (yet) but that’s okay. I just like the prompts and I like challenging myself, too. It’s all about the participation, as they say. (whoever ‘they’ are! 😀 )

Anyhoo. On with the post. This post (as with all of them) will be an ongoing thing, so I will be adding to this list, as I find more competitions or are told about them. ;D

In no particular order ….




Now then, Reedsy have this rather lovely weekly newsletter, in which they provide five writing prompts. Each week focusses on a different theme and a $50 prize is up for grabs.  This is open worldwide. For example, I live in the United Kingdom, and have had no problem entering.

More information and appropriate links can be found at my previous blog post – Reedsy Weekly Writing Prompts



#2: L Ron Hubbard

This competition focusses primarily on Fantasy and Sci-fi. I’m primarily a fantasy writer myself, although I have written some sci-fi before. This competition also focusses on artwork as well as writing, so this is good for all the artists out there. Its runs every quarter and there are monetary prizes to be won.

More info and links can be found at my previous blog post – L. Ron Hubbard Writers & Illustrators of the Future Competition



#3: Reader’s Digest 100 Word Competition

Please note: This contest is not running at the moment, but it is a yearly thing, I believe. The rules are pretty simple; all you have to do is write a hundred word story (or drabble as I know them by), and you stand the chance of winning £200 and publication in the magazine. Not bad. 😀

More info can be found at the appropriate blog post: Reader’s Digest 100 Word Story Competition

(If you want to see my entries for the above competition, then they can be found at the following post: re: Reader’s Digest 100 Word story competition)

Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of EXCERPT

#4: EveryWriter Scary Story Competition run an annual scary story competition. This is quite a challenge because each story must be 500 words or less.

More information can be found at my blog post –  EveryWriters 500 Words Scary Story Contest



#5: Miscellaneous

Reedsy also has a lovely masterpost of various competitions, which I believe is updated weekly. PLEASE NOTE: Some of the competitions added to this list require an entry fee.

Reedsy: Writing Contests in 2017

Please note: All pictures used are in the public domain and were sourced from Pixabay

Copy of Copy of EXCERPT


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