Of Egrets and metalhead fish!

When I’m not blogging about my writing or about books,  I sometimes make videos! And when I do make videos, they’re of fish and birds and bikes, oh my!

Earlier this year, there was a veritable mob of egrets (a type of heron like bird) loitering with intent in one of my neighbours’ paddocks. My father managed to take a couple of photos and a video of the egrets. Here they are!

Egrets from SS Long on Vimeo.

I also have a video of Lokichen, my pet long-horned cowfish. He’s a lot bigger now than when I got him last September and he’s very happy and lively. He does have one horn missing, which is a result of an accident in the shop where I got him from. (they caught in their net or something.) It does not affect him in any way, though.

lokichen and friends from SS Long on Vimeo.

And because my father has been making a Board Track Racer recently (of which I wrote in a recent blog post) I put together a slide-show of the actual build. And here is the slide show itself.

Also earlier this year, I took a load of photos of various plants and trees and whatnot in bloom, when it was springtime. I put together a quick slideshow of some of the photos I took.

springtime vid from SS Long on Vimeo.

All music used in the previous four videos was sourced from FreePD. I think this site is brilliant because there’s loads of music on there, a lot of which is rather nice, I think.


If none of the videos tickle your pickle, then have a couple of photos of two vampires and a dragon enjoying copies of Metal Hammer magazine! I took these photos just for a laugh when I bought the magazine over the past couple of months. (I love this magazine; it’s one of my favourites!) Just out of curiosity and whatnot, I uploaded the photos to my Twitter account, just to see whether the official Metal Hammer account would re-tweet them. (they often do things like that, if people have bought recent issues).

Aaaaaaaand they did. 😀 I only hope they got a good laugh out of both of them!

metal dragon LOVES metal hammer

children night

The things I do for a laugh; most people wouldn’t believe I was nearly 37 years old …. 😀


And to round things off for this post, as it’s the 6th of May today, that means it’s

Free Comic Book Day!

Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of Happy button day

If you want to find out more about this super-cool event, then take a look at the proper-job official website.



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