Review: Shakespeare’s Mistress

Shakespeare's Mistress
Shakespeare’s Mistress by Karen Harper

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I originally bought this book because I’m very interested in anything to do with Shakespeare and I also love historical fiction. I’m glad that I did take a chance on it, as I liked it. I thought that it was very well written. I also thought it was very interesting, as to how it fleshed out the lives of William Shakespeare and his two wives, Anne Whateley and Anne Hathaway. Karen Harper has obviously done a lot of research into the Elizabethan era, even though I don’t know a great deal about the era myself. I enjoyed the parts where Anne Whateley was backstage at such venues as the Globe and whatnot – I studied drama at college so those sections brought a lot of good memories back for me. I did wonder why Anne put up with so much shit from Shakespeare, though! I would not have put up with half as much crap from a prospective partner as she did with ole Billy-boy – they would have been given the ‘big e’ a long time ago! 😀 I know that I will be reading this again in the future.

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