Escape from Adiren has a new front cover!

My book, Dragons of Fire and Ice: Escape from Adiren, now has grown itself a brand spanking new cover. Actually it’s had this cover for a couple of weeks now, but I’ve only just blogged about it now, like a late little blogger that I am. Although I love the book’s original cover,  I think this new jobbie might be more appropriate to the fantasy genre, being all dark and moody and whatnot. It still has dragons on it, though, as that is what the book is jolly well all about! 😀

And here it is!

A New Design

(and if you would like a copy of ‘Escape from Adiren’ for yourself, then the book can be bought from Amazon here – in paperback and ebook.)

And in other news …

I apparently have been on WordPress for an entire year according to a recent notification that I received! Doesn’t time fly! =D



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