Flying Eagle Board Track Racer

I thought I’d make a change from blogging about my writing and posting book reviews and whatnot, ooh ahh. Instead, I thought that I would write a little something about a bike my father has been making – it’s a board track racer, which he’s named the Flying Eagle! There’s only one in the world that’s quite like this so it’s pretty unique and special and whatnot. It’s an old bike made from new parts! It took my father quite a few months to make and it looks rather super-duper, I reckon!

I’ve uploaded more photos to my Pinterest account. Just click on the image below to see the other photos of this little red beastie! Super-duper dragon pooper!


And if for some random reason that little beastie doesn’t tickle your pickle, then perhaps Google’s new AI orientated thingy, AutoDraw, will tickle it! Your pickle, that is! You’re supposed to draw a little squiggle on the screen, and the AI interface thing will make a proper piece of artwork out of it, via the little suggestion ribbon at the top of your canvas. I was procrastinating with this little jobbie, and this was my very first attempt (without AutoDraw’s input.)



This is quite an interesting article about it if you want to know a bit more about it – on digital trends

Here is the link to the little web-app itself –



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