Reading Without Walls Challenge

This is quite an interesting reading challenge, that I first read about on Goodreads a couple of days ago. This is primarily aimed at the kiddies (allegedly!!), but Goodreads reckoned it was fun for all ages. I don’t think it matters what age a reader is, either, to be honest, because I think we all need to try something new every now and again.

Anyway, the rules of this challenge are super-duper simple. All you have to do is pick your next bunch of books using these suggestions:

1) Read a book about a character who doesn’t look like you or live like you.

2) Read a book about a topic you don’t know much about.

3) Read a book in a format that you don’t normally read for fun (a graphic novel, a book in verse, or an audiobook).


More about this challenge can be found at the Original Goodreads blog post and at the Read Without Walls website There’s also an activity kit thingy on the official website for the kiddies to have fun with. I do think, though, that older people, too, can have a lot of fun with the writing prompts in the kit. (hehe, yes, I’ve downloaded it for myself, to have a look at it!)

I’m going to do this challenge (and I’m not a kiddie – I’m 36. ;D ) I’ve already got a few books in mind in which to do this challenge. Oh yes!


And if this reading challenge doesn’t tickle your pickle, and you want to do a reading challenge that’s not so specific, then there is the Goodreads Reading Challenge! (I suppose being a Goodreads member would also be a good thing for that one, hehe! I suppose not everyone is.)


Whatever reading challenge you’re participating in, good luck!

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