Dragons of Fire and Ice: Escape from Adiren in paperback … update thingy

Aye aye aye, I thought I’d post an update post about my Escape from Adiren book ( … post …) Too many uses of the word ‘post’ in that sentence.  Even though it feels really weird doing this, I actually ordered a few copies of my book from Amazon.  I wanted a proper tangible copy of it for myself, and my dad also wanted a copy. I’m sending another copy of it to my friend in Germany for Easter (don’t worry, she does actually want the book. I’m not sending her an unsolicited/unwanted copy of it or whatnot, haha!) My friend even wanted a signed copy … so that is what she will get! 😀 The first ever signed copy of my book in the world! Bless.

And my gosh, the quality of the print is absolutely lovely. I was ever so pleased to see what it looked like. I don’t know what I was expecting to be honest, but  it’s far better than I would have hoped for. I was told (by Amazon) that the cover picture would be blurry …. but I love it! It doesn’t really look blurry to me. The delivery time on it was exceptional too. It was very quick, especially considering they had to print it, too. (I ordered it on a Friday and received my package on a Tuesday. Not bad at all, considering there was a weekend in between.)

And so I took a few photos of it. As you do. hehe. It is quite a large book and is also enjoyed by dragons! (some of these pictures may be a little blurry. That’s a fault of my shaky hand, not because the book’s a bit smudgy or whatnot. I was too lazy to re-take the photos … )

My dragon’s enjoying it so much, she’s laughing!


Yes, this is what I do in my spare time, when I’m bored …. *shifty eyes* No one would ever believe I was 36 ….. 😀


And don’t forget! My book ‘Dragons of Fire and Ice: Escape from Adiren’ is available from Amazon as –

an e-book


a paperback






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