Review: Rammstein: Paris

I know it’s really rare for me to do a personal post these days (this blog is primarily for my writing!) but I had to say something about the Rammstein: Paris film. I saw it last night at the cinema in Nottingham (UK) and holy foccaccia, was it fantastic! I have been a fan of Rammstein for years now, and I can’t stress how much they mean to me as a band (I would not be the writer I am today if not for them, quite literally.) Also Jonas Åkerlund has been one of my favourite music video directors for a while now, so the fact that Rammstein were once again directed by him was a complete nerd-gasm for me.

Just to see this film after such a long time waiting for it was just …. yeah, mindblowing. Everything was fantastic about it. The direction was great, the filming was great, just to see all the songs again was great, like ‘Mutter’, ‘Asche zu Asche’ and ‘Wollt ihr das Bett in Flammen sehen?’ Even the effects that were put in, such as vampires through the Bück Dich scenes, and Till’s forked tongue and demon eyes sometimes, really added to it. (and of course, getting to see some lovely close-ups of Richard and Paul on a massive big screen was rather nice too; anyone who knows me knows I have a massive crush on those two.) There was such a lot of care and effort taken over every single detail of this film, it was unbelievable. I did think the camera did cut away a little too fast from each member, however, which meant you didn’t get much of a chance to concentrate on them for long, but I didn’t think that that detracted from the whole too much. It was definitely well worth the wait to see it and I can’t wait to buy the DVD, when that’s released. I have heard that the Paris-Bercy concerts were Rammstein’s best, and I can well believe it after seeing the film for myself. Audience participation on a whole was good at the end, I thought. Once the film had ended, the entire cinema erupted into cheers and claps! I thought that was great.

There was this lady sitting in front of me who had quite the big hairstyle. It kept getting in the way of watching the film sometimes. I felt a bit like Mike Myers in “So I Married an Axe Murderer.” HEEEID! MOVE!

I think watching Rammstein: Paris was the perfect end to quite a surprisingly good day for me (it’s very rare that I actually have a totally good day these days). I had some really good feedback for one of my stories (I was told I clearly had talent for writing, for one thing which absolutely flabbergasted me), I got called ‘sir’ as well which I thought was rather majestic, and yay, I saw Rammstein: Paris. All in all, a good day for me, for a change!

Here are a few trailers for the release.

And a video from the premiere in Berlin

More information can be found @ Rammstein Paris site and at Rammstein World

More info about the dvd can also be found @ Rammstein World and here, also @ rrrrrrammstein world



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