I’ve recently won a couple of challenges …

… that I participated in on Wattpad a long time ago. I had pretty much almost forgotten I’d entered them! (whoops!) The first challenge-win-thingy was in connection with a story that I posted roughly around Christmas-time of last year. I was placed as one of the third place winners, which I thought was great! 😀 My winning story is called Alpha Bloodlines: Trouble in Munich and more information can be found at my previous blog post – A Story for the ‘Winter Writing Contest, 2016’! I actually won a rather nifty and wintery little sticker thing to stick on the cover of my Wattpad book which looks really nice.

The winning story  itself can be seen on my wattpad account and the announcement can be found at @dangerouslove

I also won another contest which is in connection with another story I posted sometime before I actually left Wattpad in February. I didn’t even know that I’d won until I actually randomly checked my notifications on Wattpad the other day for the first time in ages. 😀 This story is a tale I wrote for the @WattyWolves account and more info about the story itself can by found at my previous blog post – The Moon Goddess’ visit (a story)

king of london



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