I wanna tell you a story!

Despite the fact that I actually left Wattpad a couple of months ago, I do still occasionally keep up with the prompts that are posted to the various communities on there. I like to fill them sometimes, just to keep up with my writing practice, in-between writing dragon novellas. 😉

I filled just such a prompt a couple of weeks ago, but seeing as I’m not posting it to Wattpad, I decided to post it on here! 😀 This was a prompt that was posted by the @ParanormalLovers community and the prompt itself was actually  a photo. I used the photo in question for the header image. This image was right up my Straße, as it featured a rather lovely vampire and his equally lovely victim. (other than dragons, I’m also crazy about vampires.)
The title is taken from lyrics included in ‘Vampire Romance’ by BlutEngel. (one of my favourite bands.)

certain kind of kiss


The night was hot out in the woods, and silent. The moon was little more than a sliver captured by trees. Its mournful light filtered through the branches, which made them look like a thousand fragmented bird skeletons scattered and strewn above my head. I shivered despite the heat and pulled my thin shirt closer around my body. I was waiting for him, in much the same way as I always waited for him, out in the woods, in the night, where no one could see us. That night, it would be different. That night would mark the end of things or even the beginning of something else entirely. It all depended on me. That much I knew. I sighed, and suddenly he was there, feet marking out a silent passage on the fallen leaves. I hadn’t heard him, just as I usually didn’t hear him. I only became aware of him when his sudden cold body pressed against my much hotter one, and his lips ghosted in a caress of a kiss upon my cheek. His hands descended upon my arms, holding me there unnecessarily even as I leant back into his solid comfort.

“You came,” he said, as though that fact surprised him.

“I did,” I said, with a smile he heard but couldn’t see for the angle of my head. “Because you asked me to.”

“And have you made your decision?” he asked, and for one brief moment, he actually sounded uncertain.

That was the first time I ever had any inkling at all that he’d once been human, with all of a human’s frailties and uncertainties. Even the way he asked that one simple question begged the certainty of expected rejection and I felt as though he was offering himself to me instead of the other way around.

“I have,” I said, and in that one moment, my decision clicked into place in my head, fully formed.

It was inevitable, really.

“And?” he prompted when I didn’t continue.

“Yes,” was all I said.

It was all I ever really needed to say. I felt his body relax against me as much as it ever could, before he leant in, lips grazing in a smiling kiss against my neck. I didn’t have a chance to think or change my mind, for his lips parted, and I felt the first brush of his fangs against my skin. They were hard, cold, as smooth and as intractable as the rest of him, and they were sharp, as they broke through skin and through flesh alike. Blood welled and pooled on my throat as I felt the pull of my blood leaving my veins, his hand a trapping weight against my arms as he held me upright. My eyes closed, and one last sighing breath left my mouth, before life as I once knew it left me for good. I knew that when my eyes opened again, the world would be dressed anew, and would be different. I would not know it at first, as much as life would not recognise me. I would be changed. I would be like him.

A vampire.


And if that doesn’t tickle your pickle, then have a picture of a surprised dragon hiding in some parsley!


(this is what I do in my spare time, when I’m bored! 😀 )


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