Reedsy Weekly Writing Prompts

This is a fun challenge for all the writers out there. The team at send out a newsletter every Friday with five or so writing prompts for inspiration. You only need to pick one prompt to fill, and once you’ve finished, you send the story in via e-mail. If you’re chosen as a winner, your story is then posted on the Reedsy site and you receive a rather lovely prize of $50. Which is nice. 😀

This is the link, oh yes.

 Reedsy Writing Contests

This is a safe, non-dodgy competition to enter. I would never knowingly promote something that’s a bit on the iffy side that I wouldn’t use, or haven’t used myself. 😉  I have actually entered something into this week’s contest (which I think is Contest #30, wow.) So yay!

Oh, and Reedy also has a list of competitions which they update weekly. This is a handy resource to keep track of all the new comps out there. Some require an entry fee, however, while others are free!

And here be comps –

 Writing Contests on Reedsy

Good luck to anyone who decides to enter a contest! 👍 You can do it, he can do it, we can all do it, YAY! 🐲


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