Amazon Kindle Storyteller Challenge!

Amazon UK are running a competition for writers, to find exemplary works amongst their authors. It’s open to both budding and established writers, and one lucky person indeed is set to win a whopping £20, 000. That’s … um … quite a lot of money. 😀  There will also be a snazzy awards ceremony in London where the author(s) will be recognised. Which is nice.

This is the official blurby bit from Amazon UK themselves.

Amazon UK has announced The Kindle Storyteller Award, a new literary prize recognizing newly published work in the English language across any genre. The prize is open to all authors who publish their books through Kindle Direct Publishing on between February 20th and May 19th, 2017.

And you can read more about the competition on

Amazon’s blog post

This is a safe, non-dodgy competition to enter, but I know there are some comps out there that are a little on the iffy side. I would never knowingly promote something that’s dodgy that I wouldn’t use, or haven’t used myself. ;D


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