re: Reader’s Digest 100 Word story competition

I entered the Reader’s Digest 100 Word story competition a really, really long time ago (sometime before Christmas of last year) with two drabbles. (you can read more info about the competition at my previous post – Reader’s Digest 100 Word Story Competition)

There were thousands of entries apparently, but only a few could get through to the voting stage. The top three stories in each category have been revealed and are now available to view and vote upon. Voting ends on MARCH 20TH! The shortlists can be viewed here – 100-Word-story competition 2016

Sadly I was not chosen to be amongst the top three in the adult category. But that means that I now can post the stories that I entered into the challenge to my blog! Yay! The first one is in my Dragons of Fire and Ice series, while the second is an entry to my Tales of the Georgia Vampires series:


I stepped from the back porch of the cabin I shared with my mate onto the garden. The night was chill, but bearably so, as I watched Jay transform from his human self into his dragon form. I braced myself for my own transformation, soon arriving in bursts of noise and pain and wings and scales. I nodded at my mate when Jay gave me a questioning little bugle, to indicate it was time to fly. As one, we took flight, sleek draconic bodies twisting and twining through midnight skies, as the moon shone upon us, two mated dragon-shifters.


Karl frowned in confusion when he finally found Chris in the back garden. The other vampire was stretched out on the moon-washed grass, sunglasses firmly in place over his eyes.
“What are you doing, darlin’?” Karl asked.
“I’m moon-bathing, babe. What’s it look like?” Chris grinned, as he lifted his sunglasses to wink at Karl. “Humans are always sunbathing, aren’t they? Who says we can’t do something similar?”
“Well, we can’t get a tan from that,” Karl grumped, as he jerked a thumb at the moon.
Chris merely shrugged, and returned to his new hobby of moon-bathing.


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