Review: Dragonsinger

Dragonsinger by Anne McCaffrey

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is the first time I’ve ever actually read this entry in the Pern/Harper Hall sequence, despite the fact that it’s been on my book-shelf for years. I really liked it. It was a nice, quiet read. Nothing much really happened, admittedly, but it was a nice, ‘slice-of-life’ style story. I do like ‘slice-of-life’ stories anyway, so this wasn’t really a problem for me. I liked Menolly. She’s modest about her musical abilities, didn’t really flaunt the fact that she was a musical prodigy and always saw ways in which to improve. Of course, there were the inevitable jealous types that rose up against her, but Menolly stood up to them in quite a spectacular way in the end! I’ve always liked Piemur a lot. It was nice to see the younger version of him (I’ve only ever read about him when he’s older before.) I loved the fire-lizards. They’re very sweet. (Failing having my very own dragon, I would love a fire-lizard of my own.) I did think that the numerous repetitions of *but GIRLS can’t be HARPERS!!!!!!* grew a little wearing after a while. (I think Menolly kind of proved everyone wrong in the end, though.) All in all though, I know that I will re-read this again in the future.

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