My novella, coming soon to Amazon!

This seems to have been a long time coming, (for me), but my novella will finally be published on Amazon on March 1st, 2017. Yay! I had been intending to release it at the end of January, but there was a little bit of a hold-up with sorting out the tax info with Amazon. Thankfully, that’s all been sorted and whatnot now, which is great.

My novella focusses on my two gay dragon-shifter characters, Jay and Quinn, in my ‘Dragons of Fire and Ice’ series. These stories are high fantasy, non-explicit M/M tales. You can read my original post (with updated artwork) here – My debut novella … coming soon!

You can view the book trailer here – Dragons of Fire and Ice: Escape from Adiren Book Trailer!

You can also read a few stories in the series (which are currently free) via my Wattpad account here – Dragons of Fire and Ice  (apparently sometimes this link says the page isn’t found, which is weird. Don’t know why, as the stories are most definitely there. They can also be accessed via my WP account. Just scroll down to the very bottom of my reading lists and you should see them – S S Long @ Wattpad)

I’ve also made a Pinterest board about the series in general. This is where all of the artwork and trailers will live, as I add prose entries to the series – Dragons of Fire and Ice story sequence on Pinterest

And this is a little banner thingy. 😀

Coming Soon!


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