Coffee Community Interview!

The @CoffeeCommunity interview, which I recently participated in, has now been posted on Wattpad! 😀 Well, to be honest, it was posted about a week ago and I’ve only just got around to blogging about it, now. (whoops! 😀 ) I took part in it because I came second place in a @CoffeeCommunity challenge a while ago. (You can read more about it here – News on the Winter Contest! (Coffee related!). The banner that I also won can be viewed here – Coffee Community Banner!)

The interview was fun to take part in, and funnier, even, than I expected it to be. (the format of it and the questions themselves were funny and really interesting.) I wasn’t expecting there to be artwork included as well, and I thought that that was a nice touch. I absolutely love the vampire picture in particular. (I’m crazy about vampires! Although I’m not really a fan of Twilight … 😀 )

This was about the last thing that I took part in for Wattpad. I’ve since left the site and will no longer post anything to my account. I will still keep my account open, however, becaaaauuuse I need to keep my stories archived and whatnot! I also will still be keeping an eye on the writing challenges, because, probably just like any other writer, sometimes I need inspiration, to stave off that horrible writer’s block! 😀

Anywaaaay, the interview can be read at the following link:

2nd Place Winner Winter Interview = S-S-Long (aka Alpha)


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