A short love poem for dragons!

Wattywolves on Wattpad recently ran a challenge for Valentine’s day. It was a challenge with three parts, or rather it had three different prompts. I don’t think you had to do all of them, in all honesty – although I don’t suppose there was anything against people doing all three if they wanted????  I didn’t take part in it, though, as I’m not really posting on Wattpad anymore. (I do still keep track of the challenges though. I think they provide great inspiration for stories, which is super if you’re suffering from writer’s block and whatnot.)

Anyway, one of the prompts was this one – (it was posted in the wattywolves challenge book)

3. Write a dribble (50 words) in poem form including these 3 words- love, romance, and heart. Must include ALL 3 words!!

I decided to have a go at it, just because I wanted a wee bit of writing practice or poetry practice or whatnot (practice.) I overshot the word limit by twenty-plus words though, whoops! XD It’s definitely harder than imagined. I’m not what you’d call a poet, at all, so this was really difficult. I did have to have a look at other poems, and run some words through poetry generators and whatnot to get some inspiration. It is good to have a challenge though, so it was still kind of fun. I also kind of didn’t do my poem about werewolves, though. Whoops. hehe. I wrote mine about dragons. As you do. 😀

Here’s my attempt. I made a little graphic thing out of it …. as I got bored and wanted to procrastinate a tad. 😀  Also, this forms a part of my Dragons of Fire and Ice series. The dragons in the picture are Jay and Quinn.



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