Wattpad Love Notes Generator Art Installation

Wowza. I thought I’d best to post the follow-up videos, detailing the Art Installation, inspired by the notes created by users of the Wattpad Love Note Generator. (more about that here – Wattpad Love Note Generator)

I was unable to watch the live-streaming of this as it was taking place, because I’m in England and so, in a different time zone to the US. (I was actually asleep at the time, as it was nighttime for me! 😀 ) I haven’t watched these videos for myself yet (or at least not all of them). I didn’t really know what to expect, as to what the artwork would look like, but I think it looks cool. I like the colours (black and red are actually my favourite colours.) I hope these links work, because the embed function went wonky for me, for some reason. (I don’t know why, but they just wouldn’t embed properly! 😀 )

These links go to the Wattpad account on facebook. The first three are the actual painty creation thingy while the fourth video is a brief view of the finished installation.

video one

video two

video three

video four




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