Romance Week on Goodreads

It’s Romance Week on Goodreads apparently. I read it on their blog. 😀 (the blog post can be found here – the Goodreads Romance Week super-duper blog post)

There are some rather wonderful (and also rather clever) 14 word stories posted on that blog post, by some well-known authors, such as J.R. Ward, Nalini Singh and Christine Feehan. I’m just amazed that a story can be told in so few words, but it works really well. I liked the idea so much, I decided to have a go at this myself (even though, you know, I’m not a well-known author or whatnot. *blows raspberries* 😀 ) It just seemed like such a fun challenge, I thought – why not? 😀

I chose to set my attempt in my ‘Dragons of Fire and Ice’ series (which you can read a few in the series for free on Wattpad – Dragons of Fire and Ice story sequence) All you really need to know, though, about the characters is that Quinn’s a red Alpha fire-drake and Jay’s a blue Beta ice-drake. They’re a mated pair of dragon-shifters and obviously they’re gay, bless their little scaled faces.

Anyway, here’s my little attempt at the 14 word story jobbie –



Goodreads also asked the question –

Tell us what you’re reading in observance of Romance Week!

I don’t really read romance stories (unless they’re M/M romances). So this week, I will mostly be reading ‘The Eagle Has Flown’ by Jack Higgins which is about as far removed as you can get from a romance novel! (it’s about Nazis …. ) 😀


Thanks go to this site – – for the above generated meme.



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