New Drabble!

Okey dokey, I have decided to post a really short story onto my blog, which was intended for a Wattpad challenge. That challenge actually ended over a month ago …. I forgot to post it on there, in other words! 😀 I do things like that sometimes. Never mind, it won’t go to waste considering I’m posting it on here. It’s only 100 words, so it will be a quick read.


The Terralink Pack:
Comfort Rejected
by @S-S-Long

A/N: The following story was written for @WattyWolves’ drabble challenge. The prompt was: Write a Drabble about an alpha getting rejected by his or her mate.

I’ve been writing stories in ‘The Terralink Pack’ series for years, now, but have only posted a couple of stories to Wattpad (‘The Trouble With Tom‘ and Visit to the Clinic.’) You don’t have to read those tales to follow this story. All you need to know is that Chris Terralink is the Alpha of his pack, and that Tom Kendall-Hollingsworth is his Beta, and his mate. Their territory is in Westminster (London.) Chris is Australian and works with the wolves in London Zoo, while Tom was born in London and works as a Shakespearean actor in the West End, primarily in the Dominion Theatre on Tottenham Court Road. (Tom was actually born in Westminster, hence why their territory is there.)


Chris awoke slowly, blinking blearily at the soft light that pervaded the bedroom. The Alpha yawned and grimaced at the sharp jab of pain that suddenly blossomed behind his eyes. He’d developed a headache since the previous night’s change. He turned his head to see what Tom was doing; the Beta was already awake, reading.

Chris grumbled a little in continued pain, before he said – “Give me some comfort, mate. I’ve got a headache.”

“No, darling,” Tom said, sharply, without looking up from his book. “Not for a mere headache.”

Suitably rejected, Chris huffed and turned away from his mate.


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