Necrocity Times on Wattpad!

Necrocity Times Magazine is an online magazine thingummybob as compiled by Wattpad’s @ParanormalCommunity. Issue 2 was produced in conjunction with @ParanormalLovers, and is a Valentines issue.

I was tagged to take part in a special ‘Promote your Paranormal Stories’ article for the magazine, which was a surprise. I wasn’t expected to be tagged. đŸ˜€

I don’t know if it’s worth pasting what I wrote here, but here it is anyway:

Wowza, thanks @FinnyH for the tag!

Hallooo! I’m S-S-Long, but you’re welcome to call me Alpha (my nickname – long story!). I write in a lot of different genres, such as fantasy (both urban and high), horror, paranormal, sci-fi and even a few historically-themed pieces. I love writing about dragons and vampires, most of all. Most of my stories feature a M/M pairing, although nothing too explicit in my original works. I also seem to set a lot of my pieces in Berlin …. I’m actually from England!

Anyway …. promoooooooooo!!

I know this story was written for the Deadly Kisses challenge, but it’s one of the rare stories where I was 96.5% happy with how it turned out in the end! =D (My happiness to writing ratio is usually set at a lower percentage than that, ahaa!) The story’s called Deathmates: Kiss With Intent and this is the blurb for it.

When Leo’s partner Bailey delivers some unexpected news one day, Leo faces a tough decision. What does Leo choose to do and how will his partner’s news affect his existence, when it means making the choice between death or becoming a zombie?

Deathmates: Kiss With Intent

If you want something non-Deadly Kisses related, you could always have a look at another story of mine, which is entitled ‘Die Mauer’. No worries, only the title is in German! =D This is a paranormal-historical piece. It’s based on real events but has a twist at the end!

BLUUUUUURB! === The year is 1989. The date is November 9th. The people of the DDR are celebrating the fall of the Berlin Wall, and as the concrete starts to fall, they discover that all they have been told is a lie. The Wall was erected to keep out something far worse than Fascists.

Die Mauer

Well, there we are. I hope you like them!

And here’s the link to the article in question. I haven’t had the time to read the rest of the magazine yet, but I am planning to do so. It does look pretty interesting. Also, there’s plenty of stories that have been promoted already, all of which look pretty interesting from their blurbs!

Necrocity Times: Promote Your Paranormal Stories 

And if that doesn’t tickle your pickle, have a video of a creepy caterpillar crawling along! It was a video I shot a couple of years ago and recently rediscovered on my hard drive. It’s a weird little thing – I’m not sure what type of caterpillar it is though.

caterpillar from SS Long on Vimeo.

Footage is obviously mine, although the music was archived on


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