New Story has been posted, I tell thee

And it has been posted to my Wattpad account. It is another challenge entry and this time it is written for one hosted by @TheCRYPTIC_ . The challenge focusses upon monsters needing love, too.

I chose to set my story in my Deathmates sequence ( Deathmates: Kiss With Intent is the first, and only, story to have been posted so far.)  I don’t think it necessary to have read that one first. All one needs to know is that the characters, Bailey and Leo, are reapers, and are deathmates (a reaper version of a soulmate.) They live in Boston, (in England, not the U.S. ;D ).

The story can be found at my wattpad account:

Deathmates: Valentines for Reapers

I chose to base my story on the following picture prompt:



And this is the header image that I created for the story:



I also created an alternative image for the piece, which I might as well post here, too, just because. 😀




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