The Moon Goddess’ visit (a story)

I have just posted a new story to my Wattpad account, and this time, it’s mostly about werewolves and a visit from the Moon Goddess, who they worship.

This is set in the Terralink Pack series, a werewolf project I have been working on for roughly four years now. I have only posted a few of these stories to Wattpad before, although there are many more in the series. All one needs to know is that Chris Terralink is the Alpha to the Terralink Pack (obviously! XD ) whilst Tom Kendall-Hollingsworth is his Beta and second-in-command. Jeremy and Scarlett were once members of Chris’ pack, but were outcast for overreaching their Omega statuses. Chris is Australian, whilst all other characters are from London. Oh, and Chris’ territory is Westminster in London. All the places mentioned in this fic are real. (I’ve even been to Covent Garden,  myself, and to Canary Wharf too.) 

It has been written for a @Wattywolves challenge and the prompt goes a little something like this –



The challenge info can be found at the site that’s been Tango’d

Here is the blurb for the story –

When outcast werewolves, Scarlett and Jeremy, attempt to imprison the Moon Goddes by magic, they unleash hell of a different kind upon their head from the werewolf High Council of London.  What will happen to the outcast duo?

And here is the link to the story –

Terralink Pack: King of London


And here is the artwork that goes with it –


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