News on the Winter Contest! (Coffee related!)

A while ago, I entered a challenge on Wattpad, as hosted by the @CoffeeCommunity. (More info can be found at the following blog post o’ mine – Of Broken Coffee Makers (a vampire story)

Well, tonight (or tonight as it is for me, considering I’m English!), I found out that my story was chosen as the second place winner! I think that’s fantastic! I always get really excited when I’m told things like this, heheheh! 😀  I’m not quite sure what happens now, to be honest, until I get a PM about it.


The weird thing about it was, I was actually writing a ‘Tales of the Georgia Vampires’ story at the time when I found out that a ‘Georgia Vampires’ story won a challenge … spooooooky!!! XD


ETA: I’ve now received the PM (this is me talking on the morning of the 18th Jan, now! ;D ) and I will be receiving a banner later this week. I also had the choice between being in an interview, a full review of my entry or a chapter edit in one of my books. I chose to be in an interview! ;D


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