I ‘ave posted a new story to Wattpad

And this time it is about the fall of the Berlin Wall. Its written especially for the current @ProjectRefresh challenge which focusses on Historical fiction.

Because I am a total nerd for all things WWII era Germany and Britain, and Cold War era Berlin, I chose to set my story in East Berlin (the DDR). I also chose to set the story on 9th November, 1989, when the Berlin Wall came down, but I added a certain little twist to it near the end. ;D All else is as factually correct as I can get it.  (another little factoid – I remember actually seeing the Wall being torn down on the news. I was nine y/o at the time …. and I’ve probably just aged myself, admitting that! ;D )
Because of the nature of the story and my general interests anyway, I must state that I am neither a Nazi, a Communist nor a sympathiser of either. I’m just merely fascinated by the era(s) and feel that we all could learn something from the times in question.

This is the blurb for the story –

The year is 1989.

The date is November 9th.

The people of the DDR are celebrating the fall of the Berlin Wall, and as the concrete starts to fall, they discover that all they have been told is a lie. The Wall was erected to keep out something far worse than Fascists.

Written for a @ProjectRefresh challenge.

The challenge can be found here

The story itself can be found here –

Die Mauer


And here is all of the artwork –


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