A New story ‘as been posted ..

.. to my Wattpad account!

This time, it is written for a challenge, for possible inclusion in the Deadly Kisses Anthology. (it will only be possible if you’re chosen, like! ;D )

The prompt is as follows:

To be a part of #DeadlyKisses, write us a 1000-3000 word romance story where someone’s death (literal or metaphorical) gave them new life as a preternatural creature, and the love they found afterwards. 

More information about the project can be found at the following page on that orange site

I chose to write about reapers, who are gay.

This is the bluuurb:

When Leo’s partner Bailey delivers some unexpected news one day, Leo faces a tough decision. What does Leo choose to do and how will his partner’s news affect his existence, when it means making the choice between death or becoming a zombie?

Written for the #DeadlyKisses contest, as hosted by @ParanormalLovers and @ParanormalCommunity.


And this is the link to it:


Deathmates: Kiss with Intent


And here be the artwork for it –


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