A Story for the ‘Winter Writing Contest, 2016’!

I’ve entered a short story into a winter writing contest on Wattpad, as hosted by @HistoricalFiction.I chose to write mine about Vikings, as I’m a complete nerd for anything Viking-shaped. I also chose to write about the Wild Hunt, which is associated with Yule.

This be the prompt, arrrr:

Research Yuletide and find something special about it that you find interesting:
The festival itself, the clothes that people wear, types of food or every other thing you can think of! It has to be a Historical Fiction base; but you can add romance, adventure and more! The sky is the limit!

And this be the prompt post:let’s go a-viking

And this is the link to my story:

Páll Swifthorse: The Wild Hunt

And because it’s posted as its own separate story, it has its own cover and header.


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