My debut novella … coming soon!

I am happy to announce that my debut novella, ‘Dragons of Fire and Ice: Escape from Adiren’ is coming soon and that the release date has been set for March 1st, 2017. It will be sold exclusively on Amazon. It is a high fantasy tale featuring a mated pair of gay dragon­shifters, Quinn and Jay. The story itself is rated at PG­13 for scenes of dragon-­on-­orc fighting.



When Quinn, a fire­-drake and Alpha-in­-Waiting of the Adiren Flight, goes to war with orcs with his flight of dragon­shifters, he is saved from harm by Jay, an ice­-drake and Beta dragon­shifter. When Jay is also injured, Quinn decides to take Jay back to Adiren, despite the fact that Jay is counted amongst the enemy. What will happen when the rest of Quinn’s flight discover what has happened and how will they react?


We almost were too late, orcs already streaming into the village streets, beating back the humans, the ferociously fighting werewolves and the magic-wielding elves, through brute force and strength. Some of the ice drakes were already there, chilly bodies sending forth streams of ice down upon the heads of the orcs below. I had little time to think or to observe, however, for my flight was waiting for my command to join the fray; I sent a blast of jetting fire down at the nearest orc as my signal, before I swooped in and began to fight.
My flight fanned out around me, finding space and purchase where they could, swords, axes and brute strength of those riding on the backs of dragons, gryphons and winged horses soon beginning to drive the hordes back, coupled with the might of the ice drakes themselves. I found myself fighting alongside an unmarked Beta ice drake, which was surprising in and of itself; it was very rare to find one of the male’s age that was unclaimed. One could always tell when a dragon of any kind had been mated; they bore the marks and scars of their bonding proudly upon their necks. I felt shame then, for I, too, was unmarked, unclaimed, unmated.
Despite the inexplicable feud between dragons of fire and ice, I found that the unclaimed Beta and I fought alongside each other well, his ice complimenting my fire well, without word or thought or even prior direction, bodies twining about each other as we parried and sank and blasted fire and ice down upon the heads of the marauding orcs. I was impressed by the unknown ice Beta’s fighting sills, that he was almost on a par with an Alpha proved that he was a very strong Beta indeed, strong enough and eligible enough to become second in command even, if he was mated. I felt a strong surge of protectiveness then, of a need to claim that Beta as mine, and his very body seemed almost to encourage it, neither shying away nor repelling me as we continued to fight alongside one another.


Here is an exclusive look at the front cover.

Copy of Copy of dragons of fire and ice

And here is the promotional advert for it!



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