Lovely news (for me)

This morning, when logging into my e-mail and Wattpad accounts, I received a lovely surprise – I found out that I won another challenge on Wattpad! Something that was even more of a shock/surprise was that I actually came first place! (just to think  I’d actually forgot that I even entered this competition … whoops! 😀 )

My story was written for a sci-fi challenge as held by @ProjectRefresh, and focussed upon a lizard-like alien being, called Gregg the Drakkar.  I have already received a lovely gold swoosh of a sticker to place on my front cover, which is super.

Anyhoo, this is the announcement page where it’s all announced and whatnot – @ProjectRefresh sci-fi winners

And this is the winning story – The Drakkar Chronicles: The Way of the Drakkar

Here’s the swooshy sticker:



And here is the cover for the story, both before and after that swoosh was thrown at it. It looks like Gregg now has a fancy piercing or something! ooh la la! 😀 –


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