A new dragon story …

…. has been posted to my Wattpad account! This time it’s about Jay and Quinn the dragonshifters who are gay  and shift into dragons sometimes. 😀  The story was written for a challenge held by @Fantasy and was loosely based on legends attributed to the Cailleach, which is a tale indigenous to Scotland and Ireland.

The challenge can be viewed somewhere over here

This is the prompt:

Father Winter, Jack Frost, The Snow Queen, all embodiments of the season of snow and ice. Some fear the bitter cold they bring, while others delight in the peaceful quiet. Winter is coming, but you decide what it means for the inhabitants of the realm. Is your embodiment of winter calm and fair or frigid and destructive?


This is the blurb for the story:

Jay and Quinn are asked, by the townspeople of Esterloch, to pay tribute to the Guardian of Winter. They duly oblige, yet the Guardian still pays the town an undue visit. What has gone wrong and how will the dragon-shifters solve the problem?

Written for the Winter Writing Contest as held by @Fantasy


And this is where you can read the story itself:

Dragons of Fire and Ice: The Guardian of Winter

And  because it is in a book of its own, it has  both a header and a cover image. They look something like this.



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