Wowza! My story’s been recorded!



I received a lovely surprise when I logged into my email account this evening. I was notified via an email from Archive of Our Own that one of my Star Trek fanfics on there now comes with a podfic! I was very happy to see that; I love podfics anyway, and it’s always really nice when someone decides to record anything of mine.

Anyway, the podfic of my story was recorded as part of the Informal Twitter Podfic Exchange, which is an annual gift exchange run entirely on Twitter! I don’t take part in this myself, as I’m not a podficcer. As such, my story, entitled A Wonderful Accompanist, was recorded by podficcer hananobira as a gift for cantarina (or vworpvworp on Twitter). I’ve already listened to the recording myself, and really enjoyed hananobira’s reading. Then again, I’ve listened to some of hananobira’s other work and enjoyed that too! 😀 Here’s hoping that cantarina likes it, too.
Here is a link to the podfic on AO3 – A Wonderful Accompanist Podfic

And here is the text version of the story, if you want to read that – Star Trek TOS: A Wonderful Accompanist (text)

If you want to listen to all of the other audiofics in the #ITPE than they can be found at these posts – #ITPE masterpost (Treats) 

#ITPE Master post (main gifts)

(hananobira’s recording of A Wonderful Accompanist can be found on the Treats masterpost and is the 45th entry on the list. But please, if you can, listen to the others, as I really think podficcers ought to be supported! They do some really awesome work.)

And this is a screencap of the lovely cover that was made for the recording.



And of course, I have blanket permission on all of my stuff, which means that I am perfectly fine with further transformative works being created from anything I do myself (i.e. you can do audiofics, fanart, related stories, absolutely anything. You can even make little plushies and cakes or whatever tickles your pickle if it relates back even vaguely to anything I’ve done.) My only requirements being that I’m given credit for the original work and that I’m given a link to what a person has done. (both so I can dance like a demented dragon and also pimp the hell out of it! ;D )

Another thing: whilst I’m absolutely fine with transformative works being created, I generally frown on people taking my stuff and claiming it as their own. Please do NOT archive any of my previously posted work elsewhere on the internet WITHOUT getting my express permission first. All legitimate archiving requests will be considered and dealt with accordingly; please don’t be offended if I decide to decline. It’s not personal and it’s quite likely that I’ve decided that I can, and will, post my work myself elsewhere in those instances.

I hate having to say things like that but I have had at least one occurrence (that I currently know of) where someone has re-posted my work elsewhere without crediting me in any way. This is a whole other unhappy story, though! ;D


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