A Story for the ‘Winter Writing Contest, 2016’!

I have entered a story in @dangerouslove’s Winter Writing Contest on Wattpad. It was great fun to write although probably a little bit darker than I’m used to writing. I suppose, though, that that is part of participating in writing challenges – to go a little out of your comfort zone, and to do something different.

This is the prompt:

You were on your way to your family Christmas party in the mountains, when your car skidded off the road. It was a good thing that a hotel was nearby, and you must stay the night. However, when you go to go to your room, you find Him waiting for you, the ex who had broken your heart. With no other rooms available , you find yourself snowed in…

This is only the third story about Alpha Bloodlines that I’ve ever posted onto Wattpad, but this is not actually the first tale that I’ve ever written about the band. (I’ve been writing entries in this series for roughly three years now.) Alpha Bloodlines are a symphonic metal band, with members from England, (Richard and Tricia), Sweden, (Jonas), Australia (Travis), and Germany (Paul). Travis is a were-panther (he also makes various cameo appearances in my Kreuzberg Dragonshifters fanfic series), whilst everyone else is human. Richard and Paul are married, so obviously are a gay couple. Richard and Paul are not to be confused with the guitarists of the same name from Rammstein – I merely took inspiration for my character names from my favourite musicians.
Obviously, this story is not fanfiction, as Alpha Bloodlines are entirely an original creation. ;D

This is the blurb for it:

Married symphonic band members, Richard and Paul Schaeffer are involved in a car accident, whilst travelling to a family party in Munich. They walk to a nearby hotel, to call for help, but are treated to a night of horror when Paul’s old flame turns up.

In a game of hostage and hostage-taker, who will win? Will Richard and Paul survive the night? Will the rest of their band save them in time?


And this is the word count – 4331 words

This is the link to the challenge in question – Winter Writing Contest, 2016!

While this is the link to my story! ALPHA BLOODLINES: TROUBLE IN MUNICH

And because it’s posted as a separate book (as opposed to part of a collection), here are the cover and the header for the story.




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