Of Broken Coffee Makers (a vampire story)

I have posted a new story to my Wattpad account! This  time, it was written for @CoffeeCommunity’s Christmas Snow & New Year’s Lights challenge. I chose to write for the following prompt:

3. Write a story in which a broken coffee maker has a huge impact on the world around it.

This is set in my ‘Tales of the Georgia Vampires’ series. I have, as yet, only posted the first tale, The Sky’s Edge, and a few other short stories at the time of posting this, although there are many more in the series; all one really needs to know, however, is that Karl and Chris are two vampires, living on the outskirts of Atlanta, and they run a bakery business from home. They also own a Pie Shop and a Coffee House in Atlanta itself. Their house is called Hensen House, and its been in Karl’s family for years. Chris is from LA, while Karl’s a typical Southern gentleman, a native of Georgia. They’re married, so obviously are a gay couple; Chris is roughly three hundred years old, whilst Karl is just over two hundred years old. They own, and drive, a 1972 Buick Riviera, as their main vehicle. I love writing about my gay vampires! XD
The contest post (and rules) can be found here


My story can be found here.


And because it’s in a collection of short stories, it had a header image and not a front cover.



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