Christmas post

Time for a massive photo spam – festive edition!

I received a lot of lovely presents today which I am very happy about!

First, because I’m a nerd for all things Marvel and comic books in general, I received a Marvel calendar for 2017.


And I received a lot of books too from my dad. I’m looking forward to reading all of these! (and ooh look! Dragons!)


I also received a 3D Clownfish bookmark, also from my dad. I quite likely won’t use this for its intended purpose, as I’m so worried about damaging such a lovely item. I’m going to frame it.


I also received a new MP3 player! I’ve already transferred all of my music onto it, and know that it has a lovely sound.


My friend from Germany also sent me a package a while ago and I opened it today. Lots of lovely items which I’m very happy with. There’s a couple of DVD’s there (‘Christiane F. – Wir Kinder zum Bahnhof Zoo’ and ‘Richy Guitar’. Richy Guitar features Die Ärzte, who are a German punk band who I like very much!) There’s also a couple of books which I’m looking forward to reading; I’ve already had a quick flick through and they look very funny! There’s also a cute little vampire soft toy there which I couldn’t resist cuddling as soon as I saw it! XD And there’s also a musical reindeer Christmas card that came by Owl Post! XD hehe


And there also was a tin, which made me laugh because of the google-eyes. XD Inside were a couple of German flag patches, which I’ve now framed. I don’t want to damage these either as they’re too nice to sew on a jacket or bag or whatnot.


And here’s a random shot of the presents back in their box. XD


I also managed to take the pictures that my friend had taped to the box and have neatly framed them. I didn’t really want to throw these away as I thought they were too good and too nice to put them in the bin!  These are before and after shots.


And because I apparently was in a snap-happy mood this afternoon, I took a photo of my wood-burner in the lounge. Nice and festive image.


I also was apparently in a creative mood, as I made some laminated bookmarks out of the Christmas crackers and wrapping paper.  Recycling at its most festive! ;D



And I’m going to round off the post with a few more pictures. Because I met Rammstein earlier this year, I made a desktop wallpaper of the photos I took just before and after meeting them. I had to put an ugly watermark across the image, because the photos mean a lot to me and I don’t want people claiming them as their own (probably understandably)


And because it’s the time of Satan (I mean Santa *shifty eyes*), I made a more festive version of the same wallpaper, just for a laugh. (again, with an ugly watermark for the same reason as the first). All of Rammstein are now proudly wearing silly Christmas hats, while Richard and Till are holding candy canes instead of pens. Paul is reaching for some nuts.


And to properly round this post off, have an alien plant! (actually, this is something that dropped off my Magnolia tree ;D )


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